Meet Some Bands


The Glue is a band from Portland, ME consisting of a pianist, bassist, and
cellist/percussionist. Martha Schnee described the band as a “once or twice a year band” because
some of the members are in Maine while others are in Boston.


G. Gordon Gritty is a noise punk band from Boston. They describe their sound as “incoherent” and “inaccessible.” Frontman Glenn Maganzini said says this isn’t a band that’s meant to be taken seriously. On the band’s Facebook page, it sardonically lists its band interests as “getting good grades.”


Ripe started out playing Allston basement shows while attending Berklee College of Music. After a few years, Ripe left the basement scene for loftier aspirations including touring, headlining Brighton Music Hall, and playing music festivals.

Frontman Robbie Wulfsohn describes the band’s sound as funk-influenced dance music. Ripe uses a seven-piece assortment of instruments mixing brass with traditional rock instruments to create its sound.

This February, Ripe is set to bring their live show to the Paradise Rock Club, which has been an iconic Boston concert venue since the ’70s. Ripe will headline the Paradise two night in a row February 23-24, 2018, and ironically, it’s located right in Allston.

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